Monday, February 28, 2011

Makeup Haul

I guess its been a Kat Von D kind of year. I usually stick to MAC for all my eyeshadow needs, but man Kat's palettes are amazing and im going to bankrupt because of her!

So here are a few things that i've pick up at Sephora of her line.

So this palette is called True Love. I love the colors. The picture doesnt do it justice. I love the names she names the colors. LOL, from left to rght, Peanut, Benji, Rebekah, Cholita, Skiba, Babe, and Missy. I know im going to be wearing the hell out of Benji, its so vibrant and its a wet eyeshadow.

This palette is called Beethoven. colors right to left. Lucier, Speed Blue, Razor Gray, Tequila, Sinner, Rad Purple, Leather, Galeano. I have used any of these colors yet.

I love love love this Palette!!!!! as you can see these colors are amazing and perfect for spring!! I think this is my favorite out of all the ones i have. I still need a few more but they are hard to find. which make me very sad because i need them all! color right to left. Sugar Hill, Long Distance, Snake Eyes, Finland (cream), Prague, Galeano, Rehab, and Sister. These palettes go for $35.00 each and you can get them at Sephora only. I think everyone should own them!

So ive recently  discovered the importance of eye shadow primer in the las few months. I have no idea how i lived so long without using primer. Both of the primers are from Kat's line. The lighter on is called Steller. Its a light pink irridecent color. It kinda sparkes and i use this or lighter colors. The darker one is called Smoky and of course you used this one for darker colors. These primers run for $15.00 each. There is another primer that i dont have yet and its call Nude.  Primers are very ve r important. they keep your eyeshadows on through out the day and make your color more vibrant and true.

 Ive been using this over a month and the $24.00 was well worth it! Its call Lock 'N Load and its a makeup setting mist. When i would go out and put foundation and blush or bronzer i noticed by the end of the night it wore off. This spary keeps my makeup on all night. I love that is smells of cucumbers. Its very refreshing. If i were you i totally invest in this or any other makeup setting spray. You'll see a big difference.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Color Fix

So im in the process of color fixing my hair. I dyed it black (big big mistake) So im tripping the color out and putting a cinnamony color in. Hopefully it all works out. I'll post pics later.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Obsession

I've always liked lipstick. Well on other people that is.  i always thought i looke like a jackass in it. No matter what color i put on i thought i looked like a fool. A few weeks ago i was in the MAC store in woodfield looking for new eyeshow shades for my palette. One of the works had on this coral color on her lips and it looked fabulous! She was pretty much had the same skin color and hair color as me. So in my head i was like i wonder if i could wear it too. I never ask her what color she was wearing because im an impulse buyer and i didnt want to buy it if i was never going to wear it. So i purchased my eyes shadows and left. I couldnt stop thinking about the lip color. So a few days later i went to Target to find me some coral lipstick. I picked up a color from revlon called hot coral and a light gloss from covergirl called coral from the new line nature luxe. (the only thing i found i liked from covergirl). I put it on and guess what?? I LOVED IT!!! I had it on today but quickly took it OFF! The reasoning it when i first bought it i had different color hair and yesterday i dyed it black. It looks gross with black hair, so tomorrow im dying my hair over!  Which is going to be a pain because i have to bleach it. I love the lipstick much that it will be worth it <3


So I have been asked many time "whats your favorite mascara?" or whats the best mascara out there?" Well I have tried many many different brands ranging from $8.00 to $25.00. I'm totally a lash girl!! So ill start with the worst one that ive tested. Which was Cover Girls Lash Blast

This mascara runs about 8.99 at any local drug store. The problem i found with this was the wand! To me the bristol arent long enough thus, dont grip my lashes enough to pull them out and make then long. Truth be told i dont really like much by Cover Girl. I wouldnt buy it again.

So i have always seen the ad for Diorshow in the magazines. This mascara runs about $25.00. you can pick it up at Sephora (the death of me). So thinking of the reputation Dior has i thought that this mascara was going to be the shit! At 25.00 a pop it better be. That wasnt the case at all. (my opinion) . To me it put too much mascara and caused them to be to clumpy. Nobody wants to walk around looking like Tammy Faye (RIP) unless thats your thing. More power to ya!

If you know me i love everything and anything about MAC. Plush Lash runs about $16.00 at MAC. First thing i noticed was the wand. It was so think and it had long bristols. . It makes your lashes really black, long, and plump. It does clump if you're not careful. It work pretty well and i would buy it again its a little pricey.

So heres the moment you've been waiting for. My favorite mascara go's to (insert drum roll) L'oreals Voluminous Mascara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This runs about 9 dollars. Which is the perfect price for something that works so well. I love it because it is great for separating and defining my lashes. It lengthens my short lashes alot. I like to curl my lashes then apply your mascara then curl again.  Your lashes are never going to look like the ones from the commercials. so for any extra sassy look at some fake lashes!!