Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So I have been asked many time "whats your favorite mascara?" or whats the best mascara out there?" Well I have tried many many different brands ranging from $8.00 to $25.00. I'm totally a lash girl!! So ill start with the worst one that ive tested. Which was Cover Girls Lash Blast

This mascara runs about 8.99 at any local drug store. The problem i found with this was the wand! To me the bristol arent long enough thus, dont grip my lashes enough to pull them out and make then long. Truth be told i dont really like much by Cover Girl. I wouldnt buy it again.

So i have always seen the ad for Diorshow in the magazines. This mascara runs about $25.00. you can pick it up at Sephora (the death of me). So thinking of the reputation Dior has i thought that this mascara was going to be the shit! At 25.00 a pop it better be. That wasnt the case at all. (my opinion) . To me it put too much mascara and caused them to be to clumpy. Nobody wants to walk around looking like Tammy Faye (RIP) unless thats your thing. More power to ya!

If you know me i love everything and anything about MAC. Plush Lash runs about $16.00 at MAC. First thing i noticed was the wand. It was so think and it had long bristols. . It makes your lashes really black, long, and plump. It does clump if you're not careful. It work pretty well and i would buy it again its a little pricey.

So heres the moment you've been waiting for. My favorite mascara go's to (insert drum roll) L'oreals Voluminous Mascara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This runs about 9 dollars. Which is the perfect price for something that works so well. I love it because it is great for separating and defining my lashes. It lengthens my short lashes alot. I like to curl my lashes then apply your mascara then curl again.  Your lashes are never going to look like the ones from the commercials. so for any extra sassy look at some fake lashes!!

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