Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Obsession

I've always liked lipstick. Well on other people that is.  i always thought i looke like a jackass in it. No matter what color i put on i thought i looked like a fool. A few weeks ago i was in the MAC store in woodfield looking for new eyeshow shades for my palette. One of the works had on this coral color on her lips and it looked fabulous! She was pretty much had the same skin color and hair color as me. So in my head i was like i wonder if i could wear it too. I never ask her what color she was wearing because im an impulse buyer and i didnt want to buy it if i was never going to wear it. So i purchased my eyes shadows and left. I couldnt stop thinking about the lip color. So a few days later i went to Target to find me some coral lipstick. I picked up a color from revlon called hot coral and a light gloss from covergirl called coral from the new line nature luxe. (the only thing i found i liked from covergirl). I put it on and guess what?? I LOVED IT!!! I had it on today but quickly took it OFF! The reasoning it when i first bought it i had different color hair and yesterday i dyed it black. It looks gross with black hair, so tomorrow im dying my hair over!  Which is going to be a pain because i have to bleach it. I love the lipstick much that it will be worth it <3

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  1. haha I love you. That is dedication that you would dye your hair again for the purpose of looking good in a lipstick. People might think it is crazy, but I loves it! you should post some pics!